Is your business making money on Instagram?

Let’s get you there so you can get back to doing what you love (not spend all your time marketing).


Hi, I’m Amelia and I teach business owners how to market (simply) to grow confidently.

I started my entrepreneurial career in 1999.

It’s okay, I’ll wait while you do the math.

I’m on a mission to share all of my knowledge + experience in the business world with creative entrepreneurs and small businesses across the world. I’m here to help you google less, earn more, and have more time to do what you love.



Does Instagram seem like a beast you can't tame? I've got your back. Click the link below to sign-up to receive my complete guide to using only 5 apps to manage your Instagram.

  • Batch-create, write, and schedule your posts to save tons of time.

  • Create a cohesive grid aesthetic with only a few clicks.

  • Storyboard your Instagram Stories instead of ‘gramming on the go.

  • Design interactive Story templates using this free app.

  • Take professional-looking photos with the camera you already have!

Save time, curate your grid, and grow your audience!




Host an Instagram Masterclass Workshop —

  • Perfect for professional and creative networking groups.

  • Lots of fun for private groups and co-working communities.

  • Great way to bring my professional network to your event venue.

All the information you need, including event and marketing copy for your venue or group, is included in the Workshop Information Packet.



Fresh eyes with two decades experience in entrepreneurial ventures.